Workshop 3 in UCAM Universidad Cat??lica San Antonio de Murcia, Spain

Event Date: 28th April 2016

Address: Campus de los Jer??nimos s/n. 30107 Guadalupe, Murcia, Spain

Aim of the Workshop:
The first goal was to learn from the experience of sports tutors who are already working with students/athletes at our university.
The second was to know more about the administrative processes offered by our university to these students/athletes to facilitate their academic and sporting life.

Workshop Overveiw:
Earlier in the day, the sports tutors took care to talk about their particular cases. They reported on the difficulties faced by these Student/Athletes in their academic life day by day, and the benefits they found with this model sports tutor. There were opinions from the different faculties of the UCAM, where the presence of these Student/Athletes applying this model would have required. Moreover we enjoyed the experience of the Student/Tutor faculty CAFD (Sports Science), who spoke of his experience with these so special classmates. 

In the second part of the Workshop, the discussion focused on the bureaucracy and administrative problems that can find these students. From Central Secretary they exposed all aid provided to these athletes. They also talk about all laws in our country that are directly or indirectly related to the figure of Sports Tutor. 

During the act, the assistants used the “Hashtag” #ESTPORT and it was "Trending Topic" in Region de Murcia and one of the most important in Spain. The connection with other people that could not assist gave to the Workshop #3 a huge value to all the topics about the Dual Career. 

To conclude the workshop is important to communicate the great participation from the audience, since different faculties presented their experiences and feel very proud to carry out this program and also to share their knowledge and experiences. 

Outcomes and Recommendations:
Upon completion of this workshop, following the speeches of sports tutors, the guests and discussions on Question Time, we can say we got some very important goals and results that we share with you:

  • We need to help Students / Athletes to achieve academic and sports excellence.
  • We need to create training for these sports tutors.
  • The academic performance of these Student / Athletes must be observed.
  • It is beneficial to groups the Students / Athletes as they can help each other, they have the same needs.
  • Helping these Students / Athletes is FAIR, is in the DNA of our University




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