Workshop 3 at Leeds Trinity University, UK

Event Date: 11th April 2016

Address: Campus of Leeds Trinity University, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS18 5HD

Leeds Trinity University hosted their third successful workshop titled “the mental toughness in sport”. The workshop aimed to increase student knowledge of the mental toughness in the field of sport and how this influences performance. The workshop also aimed to discuss, identify Practical methods to develop mental toughness.

The overall outcomes was to equip student-athletes with practical methods for dealing with situations which may be considered as stressful to them. Therefore controlling and increasing their mental toughness.

The Workshop hosted over 20 Student-athletes from the University as well as a variety of people interested in the project. The workshop was split into two sessions, one discussing the ESTPORT methodology and the other discussing mental toughness and the issues surrounding this.

The Workshop hosted a number of small group activities to further understand mental toughness as well as group discussions that were facilitated by Dr Jon Radcliffe regarding how mental toughness can be shaped and how the ESTPORT project can help.

The Workshops identified sources of social support within the sport and outside of the sport field, reflective practice strategies to enable students to learn from negative experiences, and performance as well as process for goal setting to ensure that athletes are setting objective over which they have control.

All Participants received a workbook identifying particular methods which they can discuss with their coaches to allow them to develop strategies to show similar characteristics of mentally tough individuals. The take away material aimed to provide strategies to reinforce the content covered within the 90 minute mental toughness workshop.

Outcomes and Recommendations:

The Workshop’s Participants identified that the use of table discussions provoked interesting thoughts and opinions on the subject to be discussed. It also offered the student-athletes an opportunity to share their experiences within their sport of times which they have had to exhibit mental toughness and the methods which they used. The sharing of experiences in which they were not so successful at dealing with stressful situations were also discussed, allowing a period of reflection.  

On reflection, it became apparent that many of the student-athletes were not aware of strategies that were easily accessible in attempts to control stressful situations and increase their mental toughness. Therefore this workshop was successful in identifying the techniques available and the context in which to use them.

Participants were identifying strategies which they can adopt as part of their training. The implementation of these strategies and whether they have been successful or not will be discussed in each individual athlete’s personal meetings with their Sports Tutor.

One of the main outcomes of the workshop has been that many more students have arranged to book in to receive physiological testing and psychological skills training.


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