Workshop 1 in Foro Italico University of Rome, Italy

Event Date: 28th April 2015

Address: Piazza de Bosis, 15, Roma, Italy

The University of Rome held their first workshop on the 28th or April 2015. The workshop focussed on the issues that Duel Career students face and how some of these can be overcome.

The event aimed to engage people form the following target groups: European Universities, particularly their Sport Faculties and/or Colleges; High-level athletes-University students; Universities’ sport staff, coaches, trainers and volunteers; Sport Public Authorities. The Workshop hosted participants local to Rome as well as those who travelled in nationally and transnationally, overall the Workshop was successful and the outcomes were met. Many participants were representatives of sport-related institutions who are keen to support the project and its outcomes.

For more information on this workshop, please see our promotional videos and presentation


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