Workshop 1 at Leeds Trinity University, UK

Event Date: 5th April 2015

Address: Campus of Leeds Trinity University, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS18 5HD

Leeds Trinity University held their first workshop on the 5th April 2015. The workshop was centred round introducing the new Level 4 Dual Career Athletes to the Sports Tutorship project and also to the Level 5 and 6 Dual Career Athletes. The project strives for all our Dual Career athletes to interact, share their individual knowledge and experiences. The workshop was delivered by Dr. Jon Radcliffe and Dr. Matthew Sedgewick, both deliverers act as Sports Tutors on the scheme so this was an opportunity to highlight the additional support on offer for the student-athletes. During their presentations Dr. Jon Radcliffe and Dr. Matthew Sedgwick highlighted the physiological, psychological and nutritional support available to student-athletes. This support can be accessed by the student-athletes for a range of purposes. It was also advised that this physiological, psychological and nutritional support can assist in tailoring their training plans. The main aim of this additional support as well as a designated Sports Tutor is to ensure the Dual Career route is as unproblematic as possible.

The key aims of the workshop were:

- To introduce all dual-career athletes from across the University to each other

- To highlight support that is available to dual career athletes

- To highlight how dual career athletes can access the support and find it beneficial

The workshop was beneficial as the student-athletes were offered an opportunity for them to meet each other and discuss a range of topics surrounding their journey as Dual Career athletes. Access to the support was identified by Dr Jon Radcliffe and Dr Matthew Sedgwick – this was identified as useful by the student-athletes. An outcome acknowledged in the session was an interest in nutritional support and information. Student-athletes identified nutritional support as key as they would like to provoke discussion between themselves and their coaches regarding their current nutritional programmes. The workshop allowed the student-athletes to meet all the who would be working with them during their time at Leeds Trinity University and how each member of staff can individually support them as student-athletes

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