Workshop 1 in The University of Malta

Event Date: 13th May 2015

Address: Campus of The University of Malta, Msida. MSD 2080, Malta

The University of Malta held their first Duel Career on the 13th May 2015. The Event themed ‘The Pedagogical and Legal Implications’ hosted speaker Ms. Maria Filletti, from Registrar’s office who gave a detailed explanation of the procedures adopted by the University of Malta for students’ participation in International events and the regulations that control such approval.  Andrew Decelis presented the EU guidelines on Dual Career and Higher education and the issues, challenges and implications for methodology.  Throughout the event discussions on these issues and on students’ challenges to be successful in both academic work and sports were held and followed. 

Eighteen students registered as student-athletes and filled in a brief questionnaire on their participation in sport. These students were invited to participate in this seminar and the attendees showed great interest and enthusiasm to learn more and to be part of this project. 

Representatives from various important stakeholders attended this seminar and showed their willingness to support this project.  These included representatives from the Malta Sports Council, the Malta Olympic Committee, the Malta University Sports Club and the National Sports School.

Overall the event was successful and the outcomes were met. We look forward to the next stages of the project.



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