Workshop 1 in UCAM Universidad Cat??lica San Antonio de Murcia, Spain

Event Date: 30th April 2015

Address: Campus de los Jer??nimos s/n. 30107 Guadalupe, Murcia, Spain

The University of Murcia held their first Duel Career Workshop on 30th April 2015, the event focussed on the legal and educational problems that may arise for athletes and their tutors.

The event aimed to engage people form the following target groups: European Universities, particularly their Sport Faculties and/or Colleges; High-level athletes-University students; Universities’ sport staff, coaches, trainers and volunteers; Sport Public Authorities. Part of the value in the workshops was to also engage in specific networks and/or organisations, these included: Fundación Universitaria San Antonio (UCAM), Europa Community Limited, Erasmus + Programme (EU), Estport Dual Career (Academic Programme), Centro de alto rendimiento Infanta Cristina (High Performance Center), Comité Olímpico Español (Spanish Olympic Committee), Consejo Superior de Deportes (National sports Administration), Federación de Atletismo de la Región de Murcia. (Regional Sports Federation), Federación de padres de alumnos de Música y Danza de la Región de Murcia. (Regional Sports Federation), Región de Murcia. (Regional Administration).

The Workshop hosted 30 participants on the University Campus, Overall the Workshop was successful and the outcomes were met. Many participants were representatives of sport-related institutions who are keen to support the project and its outcomes.


For more information on this event please watch the event summary video: CLICK HERE

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