Workshop 4 in Foro Italico University of Rome, Italy

Event Date: 2017

Address: Piazza de Bosis, 15, Roma, Italy

Implementation of ESTPORT project 2016

Foro Italico’s ESTPORT unit has

  • Striclty followed the guideliness sketched from the results activities carried out in 2015
  • What we have done and are doing consists of…

1) Examining scholarly literature and reflecting upon experiences and good practices of tutorship in the dual career of S-As from Italy and other countries

2) Focusing on best methodologies to do research and explore issues and topics relating to the tutorship and the dual-career of S-As as a pedagogical issue

3) Understanding and interpreting data and results from the two main workshops carried out in 2016

4) Continuing in analyzing and interpreting data from the questionnaire ESTPORT administered to the sample consisting of all student-athletes of URFI

5) Disseminating results and data through publications, public conferences and by trying to structure tentative models of implementation of  effective tutorship in other educational contexts as a future “spin-off” of ESTPORT

6) And last but not least, we have finally structured and put into practice a Foro Italico specific model for tutoring the S-A (DU.C.A.S.T.UN)


Workshop Conclusions

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