Workshop 4 at Leeds Trinity University, UK

Event Date: 05/12/2016

Address: Campus of Leeds Trinity University, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS18 5HD

The workshop was designed to provoke discussion between the workshop provider and the elite athletes.

The workshop was designed in a manner that educated students and offered support with their nutritional choices. The workshop began with a 45 minute presentation on the latest nutritional information for athletes. The student-athletes were asked 10 questions on their current nutritional practice, then the workshop provider answered those questions with up-to-date information. The 10 questions were:

  • How long before exercise do you eat?
  • What do you eat and drink on the morning of a match?
  • Do you use a sports drink?
  • What do you do at half-time?
  • Do you see food as a reward after exercise?
  • Does it matter what you eat after exercise?
  • How much do you drink each day?
  • Do you take “extra” vitamins and minerals?
  • Do you use any supplements?
  • Do you think diet affects performance?

This allowed the student-athletes to reflect on their current practice, and develop knowledge to improve their practice further.

The interactive element of the workshop tested their retention of the content that had been discussed. This produced further conversations how the information could be put into practice to assist the student-athletes.

It was discussed how nutrition is not a stand-alone element, combined with other factors it allows the student-athlete to produce excellent results both in performance and in academia. Examples were given to the student-athletes in how they can improve specific areas of their nutrition and were provided with testers of certain products to aid recovery and performance. This was very useful as it offered them a realistic option to incorporate into their daily routines.

The workshop concluded with a review of the Estport project. The student-athletes were asked to complete the final Estport Survey. This has allowed them to express their thoughts on the support offered to them here at Leeds Trinity University. Then discussions were held regarding the support that the student-athletes have received in the past two years and how they would like this to develop in the future.



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