Workshop 4 in The University of Thessaly, Greece

Event Date: 30th March 2017

Address: Campus of The University of Thessaly, Karditsa, Greece

The basic theme of the fourth Workshop was "Dual Career of Students -Athletes" with basic emphasis on the role of technology in supporting students-athletes.

According to the proposed activity the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science of University of Thessaly as a partner of ESTPORT has organized their fourth Workshop in the field of Dual Career in the Region of Thessaly and particularly in the City of Trikala (where the Department is situated). Specifically the fourth Dual Career Workshop of the Erasmus+ Sport “ESTPORT” was successfully conducted on 30th May 2017 in the Dept. of Physical Education and Sport Science. The goal of the workshop was to address the impact of technology for the support of students-athletes.

Key Results

The key results of the fourth Workshop are:

a) The speakers analyze the importance of support services and especially the use of technology to meet the needs of students-athletes

b) All the students-athletes recognized the necessity of the development of a flexible curriculum

c) Mr Sakellariou, as an expert, he presented various tools and learning platforms for the implementation of distance learning programs


The fourth Workshop of Dual Career held in Trikala, Greece was very successful and concluded to some significant suggestions offered for further consideration by all the participants.

The key recommendations are:

a) Development of flexible curriculum. Universities should provide students-athletes with flexibility to pursue their dual career. Provide individual support (mentoring, tutoring, etc). Supporting services should take in consideration the different needs of every sport.

b) Collaboration between Universities and Sport Associations. Educational institutions and sport associations should collaborate for the development of students-athletes dual career.

c) Investing in the development of distance learning material for students-athletes. Universities should provide the opportunity for distance learning classes for elite students-athletes, in terms of time and place


Workshop Report

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