Workshop 3 in The University of Thessaly, Greece

Event Date: May, 2016

Address: Campus of The University of Thessaly, Karditsa, Greece

The proposed deliverable activity: “Organization and development of the thirdWorkshop on Dual Career issuesand on the Sport Tutorship program”is part of the ESTPORT Working Package no. 2 (Development and Implementation of the Sport Tutorship programme). The basic theme of this 3nd Workshop was "Presentation of the Sport Tutorship Model in the University of Thessaly; experiences and challenges for the students-athletes”with basic objective to present the first experiences of the new innovative tool of Sport Tutorship Model from the participated students-athletes of University of Thessaly.

This 3rd Workshop was organized and categorized in the following thematic sessions:

a) The fundamental aspect and the Institutional role of Sport Tutor in the Greek higher Educational Institute discussed through an intensive panel constituted by Sport professors, experts and coaches.

b) The basic aspects of the Sport Tutorship model as it has been designed and developed with the input received from the previous workshops and the results of the related research

c) The experiences and the problems that the elite students that participated in this pilot, preliminary stage of the Sport Tutorship Model

d) The changes and the obstacles that should be determined in order to improve the efficiency and the overall role of the Sport Tutor.

According to the proposed activity description (as it has been determined in the project proposal) the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science of University of Thessaly (basic partner of ESTPORT project) has organized the 3ndWorkshop(19thMay of 2016) of the “Sport Tutorship Model” in the premises of the Department capitalizing the input received from the previous 2 workshops that were successfully implemented for the purposed of the present project and inherent activity.

The overall objective of the present workshop was to present the first implications of the Sport Tutorship Model that was designed and piloted in elite group of students from the Sport Department of University of Thessaly that participated in the workshop. Their contribution has been facilitated from the intensive interaction with a number of academic (Sport) professors and professional coaches from various sports discussing in a rather practical way both the prospects and the challenges that might arise through the proposed Sport Tutorship Model.


Workshop Report

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