Europa Community Ltd., United Kingdom

Address: Tamar Science Park, 1 Davy Road, Plymouth, United Kingdom


Europa Community, as a part of EuroPA group from the UK and has rich experience in the field of Lifelong Learning Programmes under Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus, Comenius, Grundtvig Programmes and Youth Actions. The agency is working in a field of European educational projects by supporting and improving education and vocational training opportunities in Europe. It specializes in the organization and management of work experience placements and expert exchange programmes funded by the European Commission, Lifelong Learning Programme (2007-2013) and Erasmus+ Programme (2014-2020). The projects EuroPartnership Foundation undertakes are all related to enhancing the academic and vocational education of individual learners and workers through work experience placement programmes.

Europa Community works with partners, schools, colleges, academies, universities, foundations, private and non-profit organizations, job centers, government and non-government institutions, training organizations, from across Europe on a variety of different programmes. The type of connections with these organisation include local community sports facilities, active clubs, a Centre for Sporting Excellence, and an international sporting charity.

Europa Community is conveniently located and connected to the network of various sporting bodies and educational providers, suitable for the dissemination of this project. In consideration of particular activities, the location and local engagement in the sport sector provides opportunities for workshops and direct relations and response with the target audience of this project. EuroPartnership Foundation has a strong network of educational institutions in the UK and Europe and enhances the academic and vocational education of individual learners, through the active engagement with European businesses, knowledge, technology transfer and the trans-national collaboration. EuroPartnership Foundation has a long and extensive experience within EU programmes management and provide quality training experiences in order to increase beneficiaries’ career prospects and personal prosperity. EuroPartnership Foundation helps to satisfy the growing demand for vocational training and cultural development opportunities in the UK. EuroPartnership Foundation specializes in the organization and management of a range of services, including: training, seminars, interviews, every aspect of work experience, expert exchange projects and English language courses designed to enhance the CV's of young people from across Europe, including students in vocational training, undergraduates, graduates, workers, self-employed, unemployed and active jobseekers.

The Europa Community team has great experience in writing and implementation of EC programmes, including mobility, partnerships and innovations. In support of the sport project, the company has good connections with local education providers, with strong and visible interests.

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