The University of Thessaly, Greece

Address: Karditsa, Greece


The University of Thessaly (UTH) was founded in 1984 and has elected the first Rectorate Board in 1998. While its administrative and academic centre is in the city of Volos, it has been expanded with new campuses in the cities of Larissa, Trikala and Karditsa (region of Thessaly). Despite its young age, it demonstrates a remarkable presence in the academic ranking of universities. Most of its Faculties, as well as the University as a whole, have been positively evaluated by international visiting Committees, based on the considerable research and scientific performance of the academic staff and the high quality teaching programmes.

UTH is an institution with prominent position in the Greek educational system. Its present academic structure consists of eighteen (18) Departments, six (6) Faculties. The main mission of the University of Thessaly is the promotion of scientific knowledge through research and the contribution to the cultural and economic development of the local community and wider society. It is known for its excellent research performance and outstanding scientific achievements, in accordance with the international standards. The excellent equipped Laboratories of the different Departments and Research Units have a number of well-trained researchers to support them. The members of the academic and research staff participate in European research networks and numerous innovative research projects in the EC.

UTH is steadily attracting high quality professors and personnel from Greece and abroad and continuously upgrading its services to the industry, central and local government and society. The new administration Authority of the University, the Rector and the Council, are optimistic that, despite the difficult financial situation, will succeed in further attracting Research & Development programmes, fully exploiting the capacities and expertise of our faculties and staff . Our growing number of graduates successfully entering the labour market vividly advertise the high quality of studies offered by our University

This bond is further supported by the operation of the University Hospital of Larissa which covers the medical needs of the whole region of Thessaly. The University of Thessaly attempts also to connect its academic members with the business environment through integrated academic services such as Liaison Office, Career Services Office while, it encourages a great deal of social activities and public lectures on various issues held by qualified academic staff. Since May 2009 there has also been a significant cooperation between the University and the National Radio of Volos for the organization of radio broadcasts, which have a main impact in the local and wider society.

The Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences was founded in 1993. Its facilities are situated in an area of 150.000 m2 in Karyes, Trikala. The total area covered by the facilities is 3.000 m2, and includes laboratories, classrooms, offices, a library, a videoconferencing room, a computer laboratory, etc. The following additional facilities have been planned or are currently under construction: indoors gymnasium, velodrome, amphitheater and classrooms 1.000 m2 in total. The Department currently employs 25 faculty members, 9 members of teaching and laboratory staff, and 12 members of technical and administrative staff, not considering the yearly contract or secondment staff. Many of the members of staff engage in research projects and innovative activities of national and international impact, such as: authoring physical education books for Greek primary and secondary education, implementing innovative European projects (e.g. through FP7), incorporating published data into guidelines of international agencies such as the EuropeanLeague AgainstRheumatology, editing international scientific journals and organizing international conferences. In general, the Department has about 20 active bilateral agreements within the framework of LLP/Erasmus academic exchange programmes as well as numerous collaborations with various foreign bodies (e.g., WomensSport International, Institute for Teaching and Learning) and universities (e.g., Universities of Glasgow, Wolverhampton, Edith Cowan και Manchester). It has also established collaborations with 12 universities within the framework of the common European Postgraduate Program Erasmus Mundus, entitled “European Masters Degree in Sports Psychology”.

The Departmnet’s vision is“ To transform the lives of those who engage us through knowledge, education, research, and innovation, and to be nationally and internationally recognised as the Greek agent for excellence in exercise science, sport, health, and quality of life”. The Department actively engages in the realization of this vision through a series of short-, mid- and long-term activities within the framework of a strategic plan aiming at further development and viability. It is noteworthy that our Department was among the first 10 Greek higher education departments that participated in the formal internal and external evaluation procedures set by the Greek Ministry of Education (for more information, see “Evaluation” at

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