Third Transnational Meeting in Malta in January 2017

Event Place: Malta

Event Dates: 26.01.2017 - 27.01.2017

In January 2017 the ESPORT Project consortium held their third transnational project monitoring meeting. The meeting brought together the members of the consortium face to face for the third time. This year each Consortium partner attended with student athletes from their University to participate in workshops throughout the two day project meeting.

>> The Agenda of the two day meeting followed:
Thursday 26/01/2017

09:00 h. Official opening. Greetings from: Dr. Alfred Vella. Rector, University of Malta., Dr. Andrew Decelis. Director Institute for Physical Education and Sport, University of Malta. , Dr. Antonio Sánchez Pato. Dean of Faculty of Sport, UCAM.

09:30 h. Presentation of the partnership: each partner organization will present an update of the implementation of sport tutorship programme.

09:30/09:50 - Catholic University of Murcia.

09:50/10:10 - University of Rome Foro Italico.

10:10/10:30 - University of Malta.

10:30/10:50 - Leeds Trinity University.

10:50/11:10 - University of Thessaly.

11:10/11:30 - Europa Community Limited (evaluation process of the Implementation of Sport Tutorship Programme)

11:30 h. Coffee break.

12:00 h. Update of the financial management of the project (with all project managers), by David Heiser.

13:00 h. Lunch at the hotel.

14:30 h. Update of Projects actions and outcomes. Workshops: brief presentation and discussion of all partners and also student-athletes.Workshop 1 (60’) Workshops on “Sport tutor”. Conclusions of each University (8’).Discussion and conclusion (15’).Workshop 2 (60’) Workshops on “Dual Career”. Conclusions of each University (8’).Discussion and conclusion (15’).

16:30 h. Coffee break.

17:00 h. Project actions and outcomes. Workshops (continued).Workshop 3 (60) Advanced of initial findings of the post-test survey data. Presentation and slides of each University (8’).Discussion and conclusion (15’).Workshop 4 (30’) Update of communication and dissemination actions. Leads by the Europa Community Limited: website, social media, field visits, etc.Discussion on methodology (15).

18:30 h. Departure from hotel.

19:00 h. Walking tour of Birgu.

20:00 h. Dinner in Birgu.


Friday 27/01/20170

9:00 h. Round Table: ten student-athletes from every country and all the partners.Moderator. Dr. Andrew Decelis, Dr. Antonio Sánchez-Pato and Dr. Antonio Calderón

11:00 h. Coffee break.

11:30 h. Team Work. Update of research and handbook (Deadlines): combining methodology, guidelines, best practices, recommendations and conclusions of participating Universities.

12:55 h. Closing Ceremony.

13:30 h. Light lunch at hotel.

17:30 h. Departure from hotel.

18:00 h. Walking tour of Valletta

19:15 h. Departure Valletta

19:45 h. Dinner in Mdina.





ESTPORT - Meeting presentations:

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Università degli Studi di Roma Foro Italico - Workshop 3 Dual Career – ESTPORT Questionnaire


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