Antonio Sanchez Pato presented the ESTPORT project to this conference in September

Opening of the 13th annually EAS Conference in Rovaniemi/ Finland was done by Niko Niemiskalo, head of OC, Outi Hyri-Honka, Director of School for recreation and nutrition and the Rector of the University of Applied Science Lappland.

EAS President Prof. Laura Capranica (Foro Italico, Rom, Italy) in her opening speech first thanked for the dedicated work of the Organizing Committee from Lapland University of Applied Sciences, School of Social Services, Health and Sport, in person Mr Niemisalo and the Organizing Committee in the organization of the 13th EAS Conference under the headline “Enhancing European Partnerships in Sports and Education”.

She pointed out, that since last conference in Amsterdam, EAS has been actively collaborating with the Sport Unit of the European Commission and the European Parliament, gave strong support in realizing the “Study on sport qualifications acquired through sport organisations and (sport) educational institutes”, gave efforts in partnership for the submission of two project proposals on dual career, one of them focused on the migrating athletes and coordinated by the Lapland University.

Prof. Capranica as well mentioned, that the summer 2016 has been special for EAS itself, because after a lot of work, the board was able to established the legal seat of EAS in Malta.

Lot of member institutions delegated athletes to the the Summer Olympic Games in Rio and some to the Paralympic Games. So it is the right time to discuss the special challenges of athletes. Despite for more than a decade dual career has been an issue at European level, many aspects are still lacking or need to be implemented in all the Member States.

In particular:

1. clear criteria for the status of European talented and elite athletes;

2. clear minimum quality tasks for dual career programmes and services to be fulfilled at sport, academic and work levels;

3. integration into formal academic paths of non-formal learning acquired through sport;

4. flexible academic requirements, opportunities for distance learning, individual academic programmes and tutoring;

5. Transnational exchange agreements among Member States for providing education, sport facilities, and dual career services to European temporary migrating athletes;

6. dual-career paths under the Erasmus+ and the Life Long Learning programmes to facilitate individualized education of temporary migrating athletes;

6. monitoring systems to evaluate dual career programmes and employment of athletes;

7.???academic programmes aimed to prepare dual career experts to be employed in the sports and work sectors;

8. European quality certifications for education and sport institutions involved in national and transnational dual career programs.

In recognition of the massive efforts necessary to implement dual career in Europe, it is necessary to enhance partnership in Sports and Education, which is the theme of this Conference again.

The opening Keynote was done by Prof. Natalia Stambulova from Halmstad University / Sweden, who was a former figure skating elite athlete in St. Petersburg / Russia. She gave an overview about the actual status of scientific research in the field of “Dual Career”.


Link reference: http://www.dualcareer.eu/news/2016/9/13th-eas-conference-was-opened-rovaniemi#q1

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