Second Transnational Meeting in Italy in January 2016

Event Place: Foro Italico University of Rome, Italy

Event Dates: 21.01.2016 - 22.01.2016

On the 21st and 22nd of January 2016 the ESPORT Project consortium held their second transnational project monitoring meeting. The meeting brought together the members of the consortium face to face for the second time. This year each Consortium partner attended with two student athletes from their University to participate in workshops throughout the two day project meeting.

The meeting enabled Project Partners to discuss and track project outcomes, as well as to identify and develop the next stages of project’s aims and objectives. On the second day of the meeting the Partners were given the opportunity to discuss the topical issues in more detail, provide ideas and discuss each of the work packages in greater detail as well as to feedback the results from the held workshops from each partner university (Please see downloads section). This also presented an opportunity to discuss potential developments post programme in order to ensure sustainability. We were very excited and honoured to have representation from the European Commission Erasmus+ Sport Department at the meeting. This presented us with an excellent insight into the Erasmus+ Sport and supported the consortium identify further key areas on the topic of Duel Career of Athletes.

It was a very fruitful get-together and all partners are excited for the next few months to come, we will have much work to do and face unforeseen challenges, but everybody is working hard to develop a quality programme that will have a great impact and benefit for Student athletes across Europe.



>> Specific objectives:

• To develop, implement and transfer an innovative “EU Sport Tutorship Programme” in different European Universities, involving sport authorities, sport-related organizations and other educational actors, as key stakeholders

• To reconcile students/athletes top-level sporting achievement with Higher Education and a career to strengthen their transition from sport into the labour market


>> The Agenda of the two day meeting followed:
Friday 22nd of January 2016

09:00. Official opening. Greetings from:

  • Prof. Fabio Pigozzi. Rector of the University of Rome Foro Italico.
  • Prof. Emanuele Isidori. Vice-rector for International Affairs and Cooperation.Uni­versity of Rome Foro Italico.
  • Ms. Agata Dziarnowska. Seconded National Expert Policy Officer European Commission.
  • Prof. Antonio Sánchez Pato. Dean of Faculty of Sport UCAM.

09:30. Presentation of the partnership: each partner organization will present an update of to monitor project progress after the first year 2015 (workshops, survey and implementation of Sport Tutorship programme).

09.30/9:45 - Catholic University of Murcia.

09.45/10:00 -University of Rome Foro Italico.

10:00/10:15 - University of Malta.

10:15/10:30 - Leeds Trinity University .

10:30/10:45 - University of Thessaly.

10:45/11:00 - Europa Community Foundation (brief communication and disse­mination actions update).

11:00. break.

11:30. Update of the financial management of the project (with all projects mana­gers), by David Heiser.

12:30. European Commission DG EAC – Sport policy and programme by Agata Dziarnowska.

13:00. Lunch.

14:30. Update of Projects actions and outcomes. Workshops. All the workshops will have an agenda that includes: brief presentation and discussion of all part­ners and also student-athletes.

Workshop 1 - First workshop on “Dual career”: Pedagogical and Legal perspective. Conclu­sions of each University.

Workshop 2 - Second workshop on “Dual career”: New technologies in dual career. Conclu­sions of each University.

Workshop 3 - Advanced of initial findings of the pre-test survey data. Presentation and sli­des of each University.

16:30. Coffee break.

17:00. Project actions and outcomes. Workshops (continued).

Workshop 4 - Update of the implementation of the “Sport Tutorship” programme. Presenta­tion of each university.

Workshop 5 - Update of communication and dissemination actions. Leads by the Europa Community Limited: website, social media, field visits, etc.


Saturday 23rd of January 2016

09:00. Round table with the ten student-athletes from every country and all the partners.

Moderator. Dr. Emanuele Isidori and Dr. Antonio Sánchez-Pato.

11:00. Coffee break.

11:30. Design of the index and main contents of the Handbook, combining me­thodology, guidelines, best practices, recommendations and conclusions of participating Universities.

13:30. Light lunch.

15:30. Guided Tour, Rome’s sports archaeological sites.

17:30. Official close of the Meeting.


For more information about this meeting, please see our ESTPORT videos

ESTPORT Duel Career Transnational Project Meeting in Rome, Italy - Official opening

ESTPORT Duel Career Transnational Project Meeting in Rome, Italy - Update of projects, actions and outcomes

Presentation from the Partnership: Antonio Calderón, UCAM Catholic University of Murcia

Presentation from the Partnership: Julie Brunton, Leeds Trinity University

Presentation from the Partnership:  Andrew Decelis, University of Malta 

Presentation from the Partnership:  Emanuele Isidori, University of Rome “Foro Italico

Presentation from the Partnership:  Charalampos Samantzis, University of Thessaly 

Presentation from the European Commission:  Agata Dziarnowska, EU Sport Policy and Programme Department



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ESTPORT - workshop outcomes presentations:

Workshop_1_Greece    Workshop_2_Greece  



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