Overview of the project activities

The project activities are implemeneted in all participating Universities by Sport Faculties, Sport Activities Services, International Relations Office and Carrer Sercives.
All activities have been structed into three Work Packages:

  • Work Package 1 - Management and Coordination
  • Work Package 2 - Development and Implementation
  • Work Package 3 - Communication and Dissemination

>> The main activities of the ESTPORT project development are:
  • Elaboration of a comparative study of the sport and academic regulations implemented in each University, which will include an analysis of the situation (initial and final) in all Universities. The process will cover an analysis of the problems identified, needs and demands from students/athletes, as well as each Universities’ own practices, methodology, and programmes in place in the field of dual career. The project consortium will produce a study that will consist of  two “Surveys or Questionnaires” targeted at the students/athletes from Universities. 
    • First survey will take place at the beginning of the project, during the first 3 months (March 2015);
    • Second survey will be conducted 3 months before the end of the second year (December 2017);
    • Final study will be produced at the end of the project (June 2017).
  • Development of the Sport Tutorship programme, in the form of a Manual/Handbook, which will combine methodology, guidelines, best practices, recommendations and conclusions. We will built up the Manual taking as reference the “Sport Tutorship” developed by UCAM, enriched with the contributions of the partners. 
  • Validation and evaluation of the implementation of the Sport Tutorship programme in the participating Universities, under the supervision of the partner “EuroPartnership Foundation”. The evaluation team will make 5 field visits, during the second academic year, of 2 days duration to all Universities to evaluate their commitment to the programme, to find out their strengths and weaknesses, understanding of its functioning and methodology, in order to extract conclusion which may contribute to improve and reinforce the Sport Tutorship programme. 
  • Organization and development of 4 Workshops on Dual Career issues (2) and on the Sport Tutorship programme (2). Target audience would range from students-athletes, Sport Faculties’ staff to public authorities and other sport stakeholders. Our target audience would include students-athletes and Sport Faculties’ staff (coaches, professors) as well as other sport stakeholders. This action will involve the elaboration of the agenda at local level; selection of participants and definition of the contents. 
    • 2 workshops will be held in 2015;
    • and 2 workshops will be helpd in 2016.